2019 Exhibitor list / Tissue Converting


Booth No. : Hall 4

Country/Region: China

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AddressNo.301-1 Wanxiang Road,Wanquan Industrial Park,Pingyang County,Zhejiang Province,China




About Company

Over the past 9 years, we have been walking from the pharmaceutical equipment industry in which we have developed for more than ten years. We have been devoted to the research, development and innovation of household paper post-processing equipments, providing many household paper enterprises with high efficiency, high quality and cost-effective new technologies and products, besides becoming the founder of fast soft drawn packing machine and a customer recognized brand in China's box packing machine production line.


OPR-100B/120B/150B High Speed Automatic Soft Drawing Facial Tissue Packing Machine,running speed 80/110/130 pack/min,suitable for different requirement from the customer capacity,packing smoothly and upright ,can use for 20-150mm height products.
OPC-200/340 Automatic Napkin Wrapping Machine,can pack one pc and double pc of the napkin ,standard machine can pack 40-120mm height products .
OPH-120S/100B/80A Automatic Box Facial Tissue Packing Machines,our box packing machine working with American Nordson glue machine ,running speed fast.also can customized the size for the customer requirement .
OPQ-150I/II Single (Double) Passage Large Orbit Automatic Log Sawing Machine,The double passage machine can cutting for different size in the same time ,machine with automatic grinding knife system,add the cooling and triming system for customer.