2019 Exhibitor list / Rigid Box Process

Guangdong LiShunYuan Intelligent Automation Co., Ltd

Booth No. : HALL 4

Country/Region: China

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AddressNange East Road, Nanya Industrial Zone, Daojiao Town, Dongguan, Guangdong, China
Phone+86-180 3822 6286

About Company

We are leading manufacturer of luxury box making machines and case maker machines,with customer-centered, reliable,high-production-speed,quick-setup,easy-to-operate,we focus on R&D,quality & service of intelligent auto machines for post-press packaging ,providing complete solutions for packaging around the world .


1. LY-1200CM,Intelligent Auto Luxury Box Making Machine.
1)Visual positioning & Yamaha robot grab,positioning accurate:+/-0.05.
(2)Fault display & failure shutdown.
(3)Auto paper feeding & greyboard feeding.
(4)Quick setup for format change. Setup time:5 minutes.
(5)300 box format in computer & all servo drive.
(6)Glue pre-heating,24 hrs.
(7)Auto glue viscosity control system(optional)
2. LY-458C-PK,Intelligent Auto Case Maker
(1)For making bood style box,phone box,cosmetic box,hardcover bookcase etc.
(2)Touch screen man-machine dialog system,easy-to-operate.
(3)Positioning accurate:+/-0.05,with 2 industrial camera of 5 mega pixels & Yamaha robot.
(4)Quick & easy-setup for format change.
Setup time:30 minutes.
(5)Paper size(max):880*600mm.
(6)Paper size(min):120*95mm.
(7)Finished box size( max):600*400*120 mm
(8)Finished box size( min):70*60*15mm
(7)Production speed:25~35 pcs/min.
3. LY-458C,Positioning Modular
(1)Modular design,can cooperate with rigid box forming modular ,wine box forming modular or case maker.
(2)Touch screen man-machine dialog system,easy-to-operate.
(3)Position accurate:+/-0.05,using 2 industrial camera of 5 mega pixels & Yamaha robot.
(4)Quick & easy-setup for format change.
Setup time:5 minutes.
(5)Box size(max):600*400*120mm.
(6)Box size(min):45*45*10mm.
(7)Production speed:25~35 pcs/min.
4. LY-800C,Automatic Rigid Box Forming Machine
(1)Touch screen man-machine dialog system,easy-to-operate.
(2)Fault display & failure shutdown.
(3)Quick & easy-setup for format change.
Setup time:5 minutes.Only enter the size of the box(length*width*height),not change the scraper,brush,press plate.
(4)Box size(max):400*400*90mm.
(5)Box size(min):45*45*10mm.
(6)Production speed:16~22 pcs/min
5. LY-TJ-40,Coner Pasting Machine
(1)Quick & easy-setup for format change.
Setup time:10 minutes.
(2)Box size(min):40*40*10mm.
(3)Production speed:20~40 pcs/min.
(4)Box height: 10-300mm.