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We are a professional printing and packaging equipment manufacturer and supplier. Our company is located in Shanghai, China. And we have factories in Zhejiang, Shandong and Guangdong province. Our people have more than 10 year experience in printing field. Our company has passed the Factory Audit by Intertek company, as well as SGS Inspection.


SW-560 Automatic film laminator:
1.Instant Electromagnetic Heater
2.Heat up time shorten to 90 seconds, accurate temperature control: +-1℃

AEM-1080AQ Aotomatic die cuuter:
1.Complete design, accurate installation, high stability, high security, low noise.
2.Adopt worm, worm gear, crankshaft transmission, high cutting pressure, high durability.
3.High precision interval mechanism, high cutting precision, running steadily.
4.Adopt European feeder, suction adjustable, steadily, precise, good paper applicability.
5. Non-stop feeding, pre-stacking and delivery device can shorten the auxiliary time, improve the efficiency.
6.Automatic pressure adjust system, pressure digital display.
7.Human-friendly designed die frame and baseplate, makes installation, adjustment convenient.
8.Pneumatic die locking device, die frame fixed more steadily, accurately, time saving.
9.Front lay, side lay, feeding device fine tuning device, paper positioning more accurate,
10.Double, crooked, empty optoelectronic position control, ensure the paper in the right position, reduce waste.
11.Electronic control module design, adopt imported electronic components, ensure the accuracy and reliability.
12.Touch screen man-machine interface, real-time monitor the running situation, makes machine adjustment, troubleshooting more convenient.
13.Cycling cooling oil supply system ensure the movement parts get adequately lubricated to ensure the durability.
14.Adopt fixed quantity at fixed timing oil supply system, ensure the movement parts get adequately lubricated to let better durability.
15.5+2mm thin plate system, reduce the make-ready time.

ZH-800G Folder gluer with crash lock bottom:
1、It combines a variety of folder gluer functions: straight line box, pre-fold box, crash lock bottom box.
2、The crash lock bottom structure has obtained two national patents.
3、The function is universal and easy to debug.
4、The conveyor’s independent speed adjustment motor has a waiting function.
5、Wireless remote control operation.

1300 Automatic flute laminator:
1.Advanced automatic tracking technology, according to the size of the paper automatically adjust the relevant parameters,so that the machine is always running in the best condition
2.Unique front gauge positioning system, accuracy and the bottom paper never exceed; top paper exceed adjustable
3.Equipped with high precision high speed automatic feeder, strengthening type paper feeding device, feeding smoothly.
4.Using the principle of offset printing machine side gauge positioning, error correction for about top paper stack and feeding process;
5.Bottom paper using suction automatic feeding, can adjust wind strength in the touch screen, and is equipped with a belt humidifying function
6.Standby stack table can pile paper under non-stop situation, along the rail into the elevator, high working efficiency
7.Imported electrical components, to ensure the stability of the circuit system. PLC tracking technology, automatic fault alarm;
8.Fully automatic glue supplementary system, can automatically replenish the loss of the amount of glue, and cooperated with the glue recycling
9.Independent water tank control cycle, ensure the bottom paper back dry, at the same time cleaning up roller、glue receive tank and back glue tank;
10.Single side adjustment of the roller pressure, and equipped with a dial gauge, the replacement of the bottom paper one-step-to- reach.