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Egypt – 5 reasons for Egypt market!

Egypt population is over 93 million people, with over than one third of them between 15 and 24 years old. As the hub of Middle East and Africa countries, Egypt can expanding its influence to 20 countries, total population achieve 1.563 billion.

Thanks to Nile River, Egypt has special advantage to develop the paper industry. As the distribution center in the whole Middle East and Africa, Egypt has 150 paper mills, which have created excellent conditions for the development of paper converting, corrugated board and carton industry.

Egypt implements the “zero tariff” policy for importing corrugated cardboard and carton equipment. Top 5 import counties: Italy 31.6%, China 22.7%, Switzerland 15.1%, Taiwan 12%、Germany 6.5%。

In 2016, Egypt imported corrugated paperboard box equipment 26.257 million dollars, which increase of 11% yearly. imported carton process equipment was 8.012 million dollars.

Middle East and Africa countries paper industry is at its beginning stages and trying to uplift its productivity , with key players investing in upgrading facilities, developing technologies and capturing market share.