Lets GoChina Program

What is Lets GoChina Program?
In spite of a soft economic downturn and overall pessimistic predictions, our client was the need for greater automation to enable faster product launches and better customization. Lets GoChina program provide suitable solutions on corrugated board manufacturers with a monthly output of 2,000-3,000 tons, about 4-5 million sqm corrugated board capacity.
During program we will talk the new carton solutions for Light & firm, Easy transport, Recyclable. Management solutions for Storage Management, Just in Time model; Technical solutions for paper quality control, gluer making, machinery running speed control; energy consumption, order management etc.

What you can see New carton solutions in Lets GoChina Program?
Light Carton: from 5 layers reduce to 3 layers. Advantage: Reduce 20% weight, Easy transportation;
Recycle Carton: 1 recycle carton life is 2 months, 1 year can save 80% cost, “plug in” with ring lock;
Frozen Food Carton: Special for flash food, moisture resistance solution
Jumbo Carton
Heavy Carton

What you can see Manufacturer management solutions in Lets GoChina Program?
Paper Management: Function division, paper location with produce line, storage area & height design;
Just in Time (JIT): management strategy that minimizes inventory and increases efficiency, manufacturers can quickly move from one product to another, reduces clients costs by minimizing warehouse needs

What you can see New Technical solutions in Lets GoChina Program?
Peripheral Heating Corrugating Roll
– No siphon pipes
– Even temperature profile
– No sagging during stop
– Lower steam Pressure required

Slitter Scorer
– Quick order change speed “Swing change” function
– Avoids tail movement
– Bottom knife with improved cutting edge

Zig-zag Bundle Auto up Stacker
– 15-20 Pieces small order Bundle
– 10-15 seconds cycle time for stack discharge
– Max Stacking heigh:1800mm

Participant List
Supplier List

Program Schedule
Day 1 Arrival
Day 2: Technical Conference
Morning: Corrugated Board Technical Conference
Afternoon: Chinese Corrugated Board Factory Visit
Night: Sino Corrugators Night

Day3: Technical Conference
Morning: Carton Box Technical Conference
Afternoon: Chinese Carton Box Factory Visit
Night: Sino Carton Night

Day4: Work shop Visit
Morning: Corrugated Board Machinery workshop visit
Afternoon: Carton Box Machinery workshop visit

Day5: Matchmaking Conference
Day: Matchmaking Conference
Night: Lets GoChina Gala Dinner

Day6: Sightseeing
Day: City sightseeing & shopping
Night: Way to airport



5th Lets GoChina Corrugated Board & Carton Box Program
12th -17th July, 2020

Organizer: CBBC Expo
Co-organizer: Iran wood and Paper:
Media Partner: Arab Print

For more details: www.letsgochina365.com