Onsite Conference

Corrugated board & Carton box Technical Conference–High efficiency & quality vs Low cost production

10th Sep 14:00-15:00 Hall 1B

  1. Through conference, we can make different carton factory, different printing equipment to improve their efficiency and reduce waste rate.
  2. Through this course, we will learn the most practical and effective management experience of productivity improvement, which can make the production efficiency more easily based on the custom-made working standards

Conference Background:
For 3 layers corrugated board, we use 7kg boiler to reach 150℃ for heating rolls and reach gluer stickiness temperature 85℃.

For 5 layers corrugated board, we use 1.2-1.5mm glue line for good adhesion.

For 5 layers corrugated board: 510g(110g-95g-100g-95g-110g), we use 100m/m speed corrugated line, working 16 hours* 25 days, can reach 2832 tons produce capacity

According to the experience summed up by our Chinese Expert team, the produce problems can be improved by standardization. Meantime choosing the right equipment is more practical and effective than selecting expensive ones.  

How to support the enterprise more competitive?  How to support the factory get maximize production efficiency with minimize costs? We are sincerely invite you come to our Print 2 Pack Technical conference.  Register now for FREE conference tickets! ( Only 50 person )

How to using your credit to support your own business

10th Sep 15:00-15:30 Hall 1B

  • Business introduction about China Export & Credit Insurance Co
  • Credit amount and period
  • Business operation process
  • Basic requirement for the buyer
  • Basic requirement for the seller
  • Successful Case in Egypt

Paper purchasing Matchmaking meeting

11th Sep 10:00-12:00 Hall 1B O3-1


10 Chinese corrugated factories looking for paper in Egypt, we are looking for T-liner, corrugated paper, and flute paper.

We are sincerely invite Egypt Paper Mills come to our Paper purchasing Matchmaking meeting.

Register now for FREE conference tickets! (Only 50 person)

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