Product Categories

Corrugated Machinery
Cardboard Machinery
Folding Box Machinery
Rigid Box Machinery
Paper Cup & Bowl Machinery
Paper Bag Machinery

    Disposable Machinery                                              Non Wover Machinery   

     Other Paper Printing & Package Machinery            



  • Printing equipment and technology    
  • Sheet feed- and web printing systems
  • Inkjet
  • Print origination equipment
  • Print finishing and binding equipment
  • Plates and plate making equipment
  • Printing materials – paper, board, foils, films, Inks, coatings and varnishes etc.
  • On-press ancillary equipment and controls
  • Press room handling equipment           
  • Used machinery


  • Packaging Equipment Machinery, Technology, Services
  • Packaging Materials
  • Fill and seal machines
  • Post Processing Machinery
  • Paper & Board
  • Food Technology and Processing equipment
  • Labeling
  • Packaging products
  • Packaging Processing Lines for different industries
  • Raw Materials and Semi-Finished Products for tare  
  • Recycling Packaging machinery
  • Paper Cups Manufactures
  • Bottling and canning systems
  • Wrapping and packaging machines
  • Shrink or skin packaging machines
  • Used machinery