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High speed corrugated carton production line manufacturer, more than 37 years manufacture experience, professional in 3layer, 5layer and 7layer automatic plant, “Dpack” is willing to conduct sincere cooperation with our counterparts in all circle, consolidate trust, bring our harmony and mutual win, join hand in hand to create mutually our brave and bright future.


Corrugated Cardboard Production Line Overview
The corrugated cardboard production line is made of rolled raw paper through corrugation, gluing, drying, cooling and setting, indentation slitting, and cross cutting into standard cardboard.Finally, qualified cardboard products are produced through stacking and other processes.Achieved high-speed and efficient pipeline operation,the company's production of high and mid-range 2, 3, 5, and 7 layers corrugated cardboard production line ,the production speed is from 120m-300m / min, and the production width is from 1400mm--2500mm, which can be selected by the user as required.