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Country/Region: China

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AddressNO 898, Tong Long 2nd Road, Torch High-tech Zone, Xiamen, China

About Company

 Gachn Technology (Stock Code: 832368) focuses in the realm of intelligent equipment manufacturing and strives to make tailor-made packaging solution a reality for our customers. Cachn has played a critical role in the filed of manufacturing household paper packaging machine and equipment by giving full play to its leading technology and service edges.
At this moment in time, under the brand of GACHN ®, we have owned fully automated counting-stacking machine and packaging turnkey solution packaging machine for products like sanitary napkin, baby diaper and dry&wet wipes and so on and so forth. On top of that, we are planning to add food packaging and cosmetics packaging to our product portfolio.
Gachn Technology’s knockout product and packaging solutions:
1、automatic counting-stacking machine and packaging solutions for sanitary napkins and panty liners
2、automatic counting-stacking machine and packaging solutions baby diaper
3、High speed wet wipe single and multi-pieces production line, counting-packaging machine
4、Soft draw-off facial tissue packaging machine for singe and dual lane, wallet tissue packaging machine
5、High-speed, counting-packaging production line for disposable toilet mat  
6、High speed production and packaging line for facial mask, high speed facial mask filling and sealing machine


Baby diaper packing machine
Packaging speed:Stable at 40bags/min, 
working efficiency:≥92% 
Packaging method:Rolling film tape, making bags on line.
Packaging material:PE or complex film, single thickness was 50-100μm
Packaging dimension:L≤400mm ,W=200mm-400mm,H=90mm -200mm
Three size :L4.7m×W3.3m×H2.7m
DW:About 4200KG
Installation power:About 19KW
Power requirement:Three phase four wires system(A、B、C、PE),380V/50Hz
Air requirement:Input pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa, air consumption≦200LPM