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Over the past 9 years, we have been walking from the pharmaceutical equipment industry in which we have developed for more than ten years. We have been devoted to the research, development and innovation of household paper post-processing equipments, providing many household paper enterprises with high efficiency, high quality and cost-effective new technologies and products, besides becoming the founder of fast soft drawn packing machine and a customer recognized brand in China's box packing machine production line.


OPR-100A Automatic Soft Drawn Facial Tissue Packing Machine
Main performance and structural features:
1. Packaging form, such as film feeding, film cutting, feeding, packaging, end sealing, angle folding, side sealing, output, etc. Adopted. Compact, well-packaged and sealed.

2. Multi-servo motor, 10" touch screen, PLC control system and HMI display, the operation is clearer and more convenient. With high automation, the machine is more user-friendly.

3, the use of automatic fabrics and transport mechanisms, easy to link production with automatic production lines, greatly reducing labor costs.

4. Adopt automatic photoelectric eye detection and tracking system. If the bag is empty, no film movement is performed to save packaging material as much as possible.

5. With a variety of packaging and convenient adjustment, you can quickly switch between different specifications and sizes.

6. Arc and linear guides can be used to make the operation more stable, reduce noise and extend service life.

7. Planar conveyor with chain propeller and two tissue feeds for lateral or vertical feed
8.The front can be attached to a towel folding machine with the end attached to the packer line.