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Dongtai Dingxing Machinery Technology Co., Ltd

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Country/Region: China

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AddressFu An Industrial Zone, Dongtai, Jiangsu, P.R.China

About Company

Started in 2008, Dingxing Machinery was set up to manufacture Automatic flute laminators. Ten years of technological growth with resounding market share has made Dingxing Machinery to standard apart from the rest of the competition. Today Dingxing is one of the largest Automatic Flute laminators in China with two factories, one is located in southern China, another is in eastern China.


1.Maximum Speed: 12000 piece/hour
2. Four Set Servo Motor Systems
3. Back Feeder, Overlap Sheet Feeding Method
4. Automatic Flip Flop Stacker
5.Automatic Pallet Change and Send Out