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Shashi Light Ind. Machinery Co., LTD.

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Country/Region: China

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Address#21 Beihu Road, Shashi District, Jingzhou, Hubei, China.
Phone+86 15926560336

About Company

SLMC is National high-tech enterprise, which is the first of China paper machinery industry to pass the ISO9001 international quality system in 1998. Since 1965, SLMC has provided more than 700 sets of coating finishing machine in China and abroad (Iran, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Russia, etc.)SLMC is committed to providing coating and finishing equipment representing China's most advanced technology level to more international customers.



Our strength
1. Customized design and manufacturing are carried out according to the purchaser requirements to provide energy-saving and efficient equipment.
2. Various kind of paper: board, NCR, thermal paper, transfer paper, wall paper, abrasive paper, glassine paper, filter paper, masking paper, art paper, label paper, release paper, rubber (graphite) sealing gasket paper, Vacuum aluminium-plating paper, food wrapping paper, tobacco sheet, wear-resistant paper, rust proof paper, cast coated paper, reflective film, Edible wax paper, etc.
3. Professional after-sales service team
4. Provide turnkey service.