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Guangdong Zhaoqing Xijiang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd

Booth No. : HALL 4

Country/Region: China

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AddressDaLuTian,XingHu,ZhaoQing city,Guangdong,China
Phone+86-136 0297 5056

About Company

Guangdong Zhaoqing Xijiang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. was found in 1954. It’s the earlist corrugated machinery manufacturing company.In 1978, the first semi-auto single facer was born in our company from then on we opened the automated production of corrugated packaging machinery prelude. Besides we had been cooperated with German BHS for several 2500mm high-speed corrugated cardboard production lines in Asia.


1. Intelligent automatic production management network control adopts international full function production management system ---- new generation of SIEMENS S-1200 series PROFIBUS control system, we optimize data communication of equipment to make network communication line more intelligent, intelligent automatic control mode and can remote fault diagnosis maintenance through the Internet.<br/>
2. The paper tension control technology and automatic centralize function, reduce the loss of the original paper.<br/>
3. The application of surrounding heating preheater with high efficiency and automatic temperature control, automatically fits to the production of various kinds of original paper, effectively improve the quality of cardboard.<br/>
4. The intelligent automatic high-speed Cassette type inner vacuum quick single machine, high quality corrugated cardboard core guarantee.<br/>
5. New traction and bridge paper conveying structure, control the single face paper conveying, and improve the quality of cardboard. The automatic alignment system on the bridge and the automatic tension control system based on different original paper material.<br/>
6. Intelligent automatic high speed glue machine, precisely glue thickness control, ensure high quality cardboard.<br/>
7. Double facer with round-heating hot plate, high efficient and automatic temperature control, can automatically adapt to the production of all kinds of paper, intelligent automatic pressure system and driving system with double drive direct connection to keep precise synchronization.<br/>
8. International advanced automatic order chaing design, only need 1 slitter scorer (1 second machine, automatic trimming tracking) can achieve zero loss when changing orders, greatly reduce the loss of customer when changing orders.<br/>
9. Intelligent temperature control and steam energy saving system, according to the production order, equipment speed, automatic control the temperature of the production line, guarantee the efficient and continuous production of different kinds of high quality cardboard. The intelligent steam energy-saving system is the most important energy-saving and environmental-protection system at present. It can automatically match the temperature needed by different production cardboard, and supply proper steam, which can greatly save energy consumption.<br/>
10. The machinery provide free service of whole plant 3D planning and design, to help customers accurately design the reasonable process and arrangement, reasonable equipment area, automatic logistics connection, while achieving connection between production line production management system and the whole factory ERP system, customized design with Xijiang machinery comprehensive technical advantage which is beyond the design in Europe and Taiwan. Our aim is, besides offering the customer quality equipmens, to provide Chinese excellent skill guidance team, to help local people fully grasp the scale of production, intensive modern control and management mode, to achieve a win-win and sustainable development. This experience has enabled us to create many sample projects in the world market, to achieve a substantial improvement in the comprehensive economic benefits of our customers, and to help them keep their competitive advantage in the local market. (Malaysia whole design plan)<br/>